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Ferrera Fundraising Group is the regional sales consultant for Kids in Communities, now servicing New Jersey. Together we're bringing quality branded products to our local schools and organizations to help raise funds to help support our kids' experience and strengthen their future

Who Needs Coins?

We offer a variety of branded, quality products, programs, and prices to help your families raise the funds necessary to support activities in your community.

Groups we help:

Elementary Schools, Middle-Schools, High Schools, PTA/PTO/HSA, Community Groups.

Fund your activities:

Class Trips, Yearbooks, Proms, Award Ceremonies, Competitions.

Sports Teams:

Cheerleading, Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Dance, and More.


Choose from popular programs your families will love

Cookie Dough

#1 School Fundraiser

Top Brands: OTIS Spunkmeyer, Cinnabon, Hershey's & Reese's.

Savory Snacks


Choose from Gourmet Chocolate, Pretzel Rods, Nuts, Popcorn, Cheese Dips, Soups & More!

Coupon Book

Earn $12.50 for each book sold!

Hundreds of Dollars in Savings from local places your family loves.

Food Catalogs

Frozen food, Chocolate, Coffee & Savory Catalogs

Chocolate & Popcorn Brochure
Gourmet Popcorn

Carrier Fundraisers
$1 - $2 Items * Fun * Easy * 40% - 50% Profit

Gifts and Flowers

Holiday Gift Catalogs + In-School Holiday Shop

A Small World In-School Gift Shop
Gift Catalogs

Gift, Candle, Flower Catalogs & More!

$10 Profit Per Pillow

Personalization at Heart – We recognize the individuality of each student’s journey. Our rings are tailored to reflect unique experiences, aspirations, and memories.

Affordability & Value – Every student deserves to commemorate their academic journey. We ensure that our rings offer excellent value, making cherished memories accessible to all.

Empowerment – Beyond a piece of jewelry, our rings symbolize growth, resilience, and success. We aim to empower students to wear their stories with pride, reminding them of how far they’ve come and the limitless horizons ahead.

School or Organization receives 15% profit– Profit can be used to cover items such as graduation costs, ceremony costs etc.

Ships in 4 weeks or less.

Donation-Based Fundraisers

Interactive, Unique, Easy & Profit Producing

Whether it’s your wit, wisdom, or wackiness… make it count and make a difference.  Introducing WiddyUp; TikTok meets GoFundME!


Back to School Supplies Made Easy with

EduKits are 100% customizable. All kits are built and packaged from teacher supply lists. They're tailor made for each student in every classroom-any grade and all supplies imaginable.

  • Branded Items
  • Student Planners
  • Green Products

School Supplies in a Kit - Now that's Smart!™

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